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Management of environmental and social measures

  Management of environmental and social measures

Within the framework of construction of the Highway Project, several environmental and social studies were undertaken at different phases:

  • The environmental and social  evaluation of the project undertaken by Buursink in 2006 and available in three volumes :

-    Right-of-way
-    Resettlement zone
-    Restructuring the Pikine Irregulier Sud zone

  • The comprehensive environmental study of the impact of the Mbeubeus waste dump on the resettlement area and the characterization of the soil in the resettlement area.   
  • Comprehensive environmental and social study of the highway stretch
  • Environmental and social study of the resettlement area    
  • Monthly reports on the environmental monitoring of the Malick Sy – Patte d’Oie and  Patte d’Oie – Pikine construction works site   

As regards the highway stretch, a certain number of impacts were identified with the various improvement measures for positive impacts and mitigating measures for negative impacts.


Improuvement Measures


Income-generating activities for the local  populations during the works

•    Promote recruitment locally
•    Encourage the employment of local workers (term in the  contract)
•    Encourage the conclusion of contracts with youth associations in neighboring districts  

Possibility of new jobs with the firm responsible for the management and maintenance of the highway

• Encourage the use of local SME/EIG by sub-contracting some activities
• Support to SME through training and the facilitation of access to credit

Intensification of economic and commercial activities around the work sites  (catering, etc.)

Develop specific areas and organize the activities around the  site in the course of the works


The road’s good standard of service

Ensure the routine and periodic maintenance of road infrastructure

Opening up the areas crossed  
Increase the public transport offer potentials
Facilitation of access to urban infrastructure (hospitals, administrative centres)Promote the creation of new bus routes (DDD)
Create a road network and transportation systems suited to the concerned areas

Environmental protection notably environmental health

•   Improving the security of goods and persons; Improving the living conditions of the populations, notably by restructuring the zone
•   Set up effective household waste management systems

Improving public health and socioeducational activities

•    Improved access to internal and external health structures through restructuring
•    Rapid transportation of rescue facilities in case of disaster
•    Improved access to education and training structures

  Global negative impact mitigation measures

Tableau 15  PGE summary table


Activities Sources Negative
Evacuation of right-of-ways
• Tree cutting  
• Acquisition of land
• Marking out the works
• Mechanized site preparation works
Demolition of houses Indemnification/compensation
Displacement of the populations Relocation in the resettlement area 
Loss of activities and sources of income • Indemnification/compensation
• Site layout  
• Reduction of the plant cover
• Soil erosion
• Compliance with routing
• Involvement of forestry services
• Reinforcement planting
• Tree cutting expenditures
• Disruption of habits and customs
• Disruption of riparian activities
• Information and sensitization
• Social support
Disruption of water injection Maintain water drainage
Solid waste  and demolition debris disposal Evacuation of solid waste and debris towards authorized sites
• Separation of  communities
• Traffic disruption
• Information and sensitization
• Temporary  traffic structures
• Signalling, lanes, foot bridge
• Organization of the traffic by the Police
Disruption of the network of operators  • Coordination with concerned services
• Informing the populations
• Immediate rehabilitation of networks  
Mbao classified forest
• Destruction of plant cover, of wildlife habitat
• Disruption of economic activities
• Indemnification/compensation
• IREF consultation/involvement in the monitoring
• Integrated development of remaining parties
Installation and commissioning of the domestic site  Occupation of forest  zones  (FC Mbao) Deforestation  and education of the plant cover • Involvement of forestry services
• Reinforcement planting
Clearing  after the works
Spilling oils and waste water
Solid waste disposal
Soil and water contamination  •  Collecting and recycling used oils
•  Collection and evacuation solid waste
Appropriate health facilities
Occupation of private or agricultural land • Social conflicts
• Crop or farmland loss
• Choice of  sites in relation with owners or local authorities
• Clearing of sites after use
Poor staff protection • Discomfort /nuisances caused by noise, dust and gas
• Industrial accident
• Head of Health and Safety (HSE)
• Protection equipment
• First Aid kit
• Staff sensitization  
Poor site signposting Collusion of construction machines with other users Signposting and sensitization
Site withdrawal Social conflicts with populations • Site clean-up
• Transfer  of facilities
Recruitment of site staff Presence of foreign labourers Conflicts  with local  populations • Give priority to local recruitment  
• Give special weight to the HIMO approach
Poaching in the Mbao forest • Sensitizing the site staff
• Surveillance by the forestry services
Propagation of STI/AIDS • Sensitization (staff /population)
• Distribution of preservatives (site)
Installation of bituminous mixing  and crushing plants • Occupation of agricultural /forest zones
• Noise, gas and dust  emission  
• Liquid and oil spills
• Closeness to the residential areas
• Reduction of the plant cover
• Destruction of  wildlife habitat  (Mbao classified forest)
•  Judicious selection of establishment site
•  Involvement of forestry services
Reinforcement planting
Reduction of cultivable areas  • Judicious and authorized selection of sites
• Cleaning of sites after works
• Air pollution
• Respiratory diseases
• Judicious selection of establishment site
• Staff protection
Sensitization of neighbouring populations
Soil and water contamination Oil protection and collection mechanism (see environmental clauses)
Opening up and using right-of-way areas and quarries Deforestation • Reduction of the plant cover
• Erosions of exposed soils
Operating quarries and borrowings  authorized
Poor signposting Risks of accidents Signposting and sensitization
Dust emissions Respiratory diseases • Staff protection
• Regular watering of manifold (grinding station)
Occupation of private or agricultural sites • Deterioration of agricultural land
• Social conflicts
• Operating quarries and borrowings authorized
• Prior consent of beneficiaries
• Rehabilitation after the works
Road network and deviations Destruction of plants and farming zones • Reduction of the plant cover
• Reduction of cultivable areas
• Judicious selection of routing
• Cleaning of sites after works
Digging and shaping the platform


Civil engineering structures

Emission of dust  particles Risk of air pollution • Staff protection
• Regular maintenance of construction machines
• Wetting the roads
Movement  of machinery • Soil erosion
• Degradation  of cultivation area
• Maintaining the construction machines in the right-of- way
• Surveillance and sensitization
Spilling of hydrocarbons Water and soil contamination Oil protection and collection mechanism (see environmental clauses)
Poor site signposting • Traffic disruption
• Risks of accidents
Signposting and sensitization
Transportation of materials Dust emissions
Drivers’ bad behaviour
• Risk of air pollution
• Risk of accidents
• Protection of vehicles
• Surveying the transportation of consignments
• Sensitizing drivers

Commissioning the highway

Physical barrier formed by the highway wall Risk of flooding of districts located on the right bank of the road Rainwater collection and draining structures along the highway
Physical interruption  and disruption  of the movement of persons and goods Crossing structures (notably for access to schools, markets, shops, health  centres, etc. and for livestock)

Traffic increase
Sand build-up (silting up of the right-of-way)

Gas pollution and sound nuisance Planting roadside trees all along
• Landscaping the back-up land
• Sound proof  structures/walls
• Noise pollution monitoring system
Risks of accidents
• Digging out the sand from the road network regularly
• Planting roadside trees all along
• Road safety campaigns
Sensitizing  populations of the neighborhood
Additional measures Breaking-off effect Difficult access to health centre Construction Health Centre