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General notice of procurement 2013

The APIX limited company executes, on financing of the operating budget of the State of Senegal, the Budget Strengthened by Investment and by diverse financiers (World Bank and French Agency of Development), a public program of procurement in conformance with the Management 2013.

Acquisitions and services concern the following domains: 
- Investment Promotion 
- General services 
- Toll highway Dakar-Diamniadio 
- Energy 
- Project of capacity building in management of the environmental and social protections to Senegal (Don FDI)
Download the entire general notice of procurement 2013


Dump of Mbeubeuss

Project toll highway Dakar-Diamniadio. Crédit IDA 4579 SN

Mission of supervision and follow-up of the execution of the works of reconversion of the dump of Mbeubeuss. Reference of the call for tenders: call to the demonstration of interest published in on-line DG-Market and UNDB from March 24th, 2011 and in the local press (L’Observateur of March 28th, 2011)

Name and address of the temporary assignee: ARTELIA City and TRANSPORT ( EX-SOGREAH), 6 street of Lorraine, 38 130 Echirolles - France



Temporary letter of allotment 

Mission of computerization of the system of follow-up-evaluation of the project toll highway Dakar-Diamniadio

Credit IDA 4579 SN - Call to the demonstration of interest published in the Newspaper The Sun of April 02nd, 2012

Download the notice


Letter of definitve allotment 

Supply of vehicles for the Management of the Project Toll highway Dakar-Diamniadio
Credit IDA 4579 SN

New plan of traffic of the bypassing of Rufisque

APIX and his partners inform you about the enforcement of the new plan of traffic of the bypassing of Rufisque from November 12th, 2012.

Download the plan 


11th Presidential Investor's advisory council

The eleventh session of the Presidential investor's advisory Council take place on December 14th, 2012 in the King Fahd Palace Hotel at 09:00 am. It was the opportunity to make an assessment of begun reforms and to highlight the recommendations for decade to come.

This demonstration was held in the presence of all the stakeholders: 
- State 
- Private sector 
- Administrations 
- Financial institutions
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Within the framework of the construction of the Dakar-Diamniadio Toll Highway, APIX sa has undertaken several environmental and social studies  for the management of  the conditions of  displacement and resettlement of the  populations and activities affected by the Project.
These studies are regularly published on the Dakar ‚Äď Diamniadio Toll Highway Internet site , at the following address :¬†

In pursuit of  this process, APIX sa. informs the public that the following documents have just been  published and can be consulted on the same Internet site:

  • The Pikine Irr√©gulier Sud Resettlement Action Plan
  • The Resettlement Policy Framework for the closure of the¬† Mbeubeuss dump
  • The Keur Massar ‚Äď Tivaouane Peulh¬† Rehousing site‚Äôs soil characterization study
  • Addendum n¬į1 to the¬† Pikine ‚Äď Keur Massar RAP
  • Addendum n¬į2¬† to the Pikine ‚Äď Keur Massar RAP
  • Addendum n¬į1 to the Keur Massar ‚Äď Diamniadio RAP.

In connection with the construction of the Keur Massar-Diamniadio stretch of the Dakar-Diamniadio toll highway, a census of the occupants of the right-of-way as well as an evaluation of the buildings and facilities located along this road between Mbao Forest and  Diamniadio were conducted. The census was finalized in June 2007 and a first operation to confirm the reliability of the lists was undertaken between July and September 2007. The formulated Resettlement Action Plan is available at the prefectures and town councils crossed by the said stretch, as well as on the APIX Internet site ( and the Toll Highway site  (

The populations are informed that the lists of persons affected by the project are posted (for  a period of 40 days) at the following places :

1 -       For lists concerning the Department of Rufisque :

  • at the Rufisque Prefecture
  • at the Rufisque Town Council
  • at the Diamniadio Commune
  • at the Sangalkam¬† Community Centre

List orchards 1 Request Rufisque
List of houses Request Rufisque

2 -      For the lists concerning the Department of Pikine (between the classified forest and  Zac Mbao)
The lists are posted at the Mbao Town Council

List of Pikine houses

3-        For the rehousing zone the lists are posted at the:

  • Sub-prefecture of Sangalkam
  • Tivaouane Peulh
  • Niacourab

For further information or complaints concerning the census , the concerned  populations may  contact the Rufisque Prefecture, the Sub-prefecture  of Sangalkam and the Mbao town council.


APIX s.a, in its capacity as representative of the Contracting Authority for  the Dakar - Diamniadio Toll Highway informs users that due to the construction works in progress on the  rue de la Roseraie, a new traffic plan has been adopted. It shall become effective on Tuesday 8 April 2008.
Thus, the itinerary for private cars and public transport vehicles from Pikine heading for the city centre, via Boulevard du Centenaire (ex-Route de Rufisque) is as follows :

  • Exiting¬† Pikine ‚Äď Carrefour Seven Up ‚Äď Boulevard du Centenaire (ex-Route de Rufisque)

The itinerary for private cars and public transport vehicles from the City Centre vie  Boulevard du Centenaire (ex-Route de Rufisque) heading for Pikine, is as follows :

  • Boulevard du Centenaire (ex-Route de Rufisque) ‚Äď Seven Up Junction ‚Äď Entering Pikine

Except for the authorized stops, parking is prohibited on the following routes  :
- the street exiting Pikine  stations up to the Eastern segment of the Highway ;
- the Eastern segment of the Highway between the Lobatt FALL Junction and  Seven Up Junction;
- the Boulevard du Centenaire  segment between the Seven Up Junction and Rue de la Roseraie.
APIX s.a. and its partners apologize  for any inconveniences caused to users during the conduct of these works.