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The toll motorway works take into account a number of security measures through temporary signs for roadworks. There is a directive that sets the types and positions of signals to be used depending on the nature of the site, its location, the level of service of the concerned road and the operating mode of the road during the work.

Principles of temporary signs:
 The road may have faults presenting a hazard to the user (degradation, sites, obstructions, etc.).
In a bid to safeguard the security of the user and that of people working on the road or its immediate surroundings, while maintaining traffic fluidity, it is necessary to:
  • inform the user about the danger,
  • guide him through the section,
  • convince him to change his behaviour to adapt to an unusual situation.
For this reason, signs must be effective, that is to say visible, clear and understandable and more specifically:
  • Regulation on the choice and setting up of the signals,
  • Adapted to the danger
  • Coherent
  • Valued
  • Legible
The establishment of the temporary signs requires thinking and common sense and is based on some basic principles.
Staff protection:

Staff working on site must be constantly visible, both by road users and operating engineers on site.

The use of a working apparel of light colours is therefore recommended but this does not absolutely exclude wearing warning clothing such as harness, fluorescent jacket during the day or retro-reflective at night. 

Establishing temporary signs:
  • Proximity sign (warning signs, advance signs)
  • Temporary signs (placed near the point or area to signal)
  • End-site signalling (located downstream of the area to signal)
  • Diversion route signs
  • Distance between signs: to be legible, signs must be well spaced
  • Night lighting on the work site